Digi Back Cleaning System


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Digi Back Cleaning Kit contains:
1x G-2051 Air Power Hi-TECH PRO 400 ml
1x V-2100 Top Ventil with Anti Static Adapter
10x T-1010 Silky Wipe –  10cm x 10cm, individually welded
1x Green Clean Digital Capture Back Cleaning Liquid 15 ml

The system offers a two part cleaning process to remove all types of dust, dirt and contamination:

Part ONE: Contact-Free removal of dust and loose particles with anti-static effect.

Part TWO: Safe removal of dirt and smudges with a specially formulated cleaning fluid and „Silky Wipe“ cloth.

All digital capture sensors (CCD & CMOS) have sensitive surfaces which are best left un-touched and contact-free cleaning methods are best! Sensors have a current going through them when in use and that creates a static charge that attracts dust, fluff and abrasions. These are all easily removed by using STEP ONE of the ANTISTATIC SET: The basis for this is the Air Power HI-TECH PRO 400ml aerosol can, fitted with a high quality „Top Ventil“ discharge valve and Anti-Static brush with THUNDERON® filaments.

Thunderon® has the ability to neutralize static charges, therefore you are blowing away the loose particles, while at the same time removing the static charge of the sensor surface. The special quality of the brush is life-long and only if it becomes very dirty does it loose its anti-static abilities.

If after STEP ONE the sensor surface is not completely clean and some „Welded On“ particles or smudges are present STEP TWO is implemented: A drop of the specially formulated cleaning liquid is applied to the sensor surface and a specially designed, ultra-soft „Silky Wipe“ cloth is used to spread the liquid over the sensor surface and eventually wiped off. No residue will remain! The „Silky Wipe“ is individually sealed and is used once only to prevent contamination and therefore dirt transfer.

The special Green Clean cleaning liquid does not contain alcohol or aggressive cleaning substances, but is able to dissolve fatty/oily substances and other residual dirt. It is important that the cleaning liquid does not dissolve instantly, as do alcohol based products, but that they evaporate slowly do give enough time for the „Silky Wipe“ to spread the liquid and dissolve all dirt before evaporation and absorption into the cloth.

„Silky Wipe“ is made from a particularly flat, tightly spun silk derivative and contains no chemical binding materials or bleach. The cloth is extremely soft, yet has the slow absorption qualities necessary to make this particular cleaning process so effective.

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