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1. Content of the online offer

The author endeavors to keep his content as correct and complete as possible. Nevertheless, the author can not assume any liability for his online offer. The liability of the author for the use and / or disuse of the information offered is hereby reduced to gross negligence and intent. This applies in particular to “foreign material” in guest books, mailing lists, chats or the like, in which the content can not be subject to the constant control of the author.
All offers are in doubt without obligation.

2. Links (References)

If it is reasonable, the author has informed himself about the content of the linked pages. At the time of linking, the author was not aware that any of the linked pages contains or will contain illegal material.

The author has no influence on the future design of the linked pages. Should the content of a linked page become illegal or support illegal content / pages, the author hereby expressly dissociates himself. Should a visitor discover a page of illegal content that is referred to, the author asks for a message to the relevant authorities and to him. Under the address, for example, it is possible to submit anonymous messages.

The author is also liable only for intent or gross negligence for mere damage caused by the linking.
3. Scope

This disclaimer applies, if applicable, to all jurisdictions. In case of partial nullity, the residual validity of this document remains. Agreements and formulations of the author on his own pages are specific to this one.

Note: This document is gender neutral, especially in terms of the word “author”. Using the male form is only for better readability of the text.