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Green Clean

We let our customers talk.

Kunde mit

Scott Frier


Over many years I have tested and worked with a wide range of sensor cleaning products. GREEN CLEAN is the only system that cleans really well, leaves no residue and does not damage the sensitive LowPassFilter. The application is simple and the pre-soaked spatulas are ideal when traveling. GREEN CLEAN Sensor Cleaner has been the product of my choice for years because it works perfectly and I can rely on consistent quality.

Scott Frier and Wildlife Photo Workshops

Kunde mit Kamel

Hubert Neubauer


My digital camera accompanies me every step of the way in my undertakings. Extreme temperature differences, fine lava sand, sandstorms or everything flying around in the air that we normally don’t pay attention to, but in digital photography becomes a heavy stone. The contamination of the sensor. The combination of Mini Vacuum Power, Foam Swab and Dry Sweeper is very effective. I don’t need to hand over the camera and can clean the sensor myself without fear. And in the worst case I can free the sensor from the biggest enemy, the dust grains or what is flying around in the air. Thank you.


Oliver Bolch


On my last trip to Australia I had the Green Clean Sensor Cleaner Traveller Kit with me. In the desert I always had the problem with dust and sand on the sensor of my digital cameras. Blowing out also didn’t work because the fine red Australian sand really sticks to the sensor. On my last trip I drove on the Gunbarrel Highway through the desert. It was winter and the cold arctic winds whipped across the country. Every lens change became a problem. In the evening I cleaned the sensor in the car. For the first time I managed to wipe the sand off the sensor with the Foam Swab and the Dry Sweeper and to suck the dirt out of the housing with the Mini Vacuum. The system is very easy to use and very effective. Thank you very much!

Kunde beim Nordpol

Guillaume & Rémy Marion


We have been using digital cameras for years during our travels to the polar regions and have been confronted again and again with disturbing impurities in the images. The dry climate on the one hand and the soil condition on the other hand produce particles which are extremely scratching for the sensor. Our pictures always show an enormous amount of bright blue sky and ice. Of course, under these conditions a particularly precise cleaning method is necessary to maintain the quality of the sensor. Green Clean’s Sensor Cleaning System solves exactly this problem of contamination that all digital photographers are confronted with. The combination of the excellently functioning extraction system together with the sophisticated Wet & Dry cleaning applicators is great! This system can be easily used by all photographers!

Mann mit Brille

Joeri van Veen


I photograph primarily in the studio or with the customer: Portraits, furnishings and products. After using fixed focal length lenses, I always have to change the lenses. Although I work very carefully and quickly, dirt particles collect on the sensor. Green Clean lens cleaning cloths in combination with Air & Vacuum Power are a great help for cleaning the lenses before putting them on and at the same time can be used twice with the fantastic Mini Vacuum extraction system. If there is any sticky dirt left after the sensor has been sucked off, I use Wet Foam to loosen the dirt and Dry Sweeper to lift off and polish. The system allows me to remove all types of contamination – loose and sticky – safely and economically as needed. When dust becomes a problem, this system gives me quick and safe sensor cleaning.

Mann mit Kamera

David Rodríguez Guil


I had bought a new SLR camera and unfortunately I had dirt on the sensor from changing the lens. I was already thinking about buying a new camera because the image quality was very poor due to the various impurities on the low pass filter. I then heard about various methods of sensor cleaning and spontaneously decided on the GREEN CLEAN system. I cleaned my camera and it was like new, I was so happy with this product and have been using it ever since.