Silky Liquide & Wipe – Optic-Cleaning-Kit


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The optical cleaner with dirt-repellent effect.

This handy, easy to use product cleverly combines the cleaning solution SILKY LIQUIDE in a small pump-action bottle and a SILKY WIPE cloth for polishing. Even everyday items in constant use such as mobile telephones, Blackberries and PDA’s retain a clear, un-smudged surface thanks to the dirt repellent effect of the special cleaning liquid. Grease and sweat are easily wiped off.

Silky Liquid– Innovation from GREEN CLEAN for fine Technics Features.

  • Careful cleaning and long-lasting surface protection
  • SILKY LIQUIDE is fast acting
  • lifts dirt and simultaneously smoothes the surface structure
  • leaves the surface dirt-repellent
  • facilitates easier follow-up cleaning
  • leaves a noticeably smoothens surface
  • no effect on spectral light transmission
  • causes no aberrations or distortions
  • Antistatic surface effect
  • Surface coatings are not affected
  • Non-Flammable and Bio-degradable

Silky Wipe– tried and tested for years in photography
and industry.

GREEN CLEAN “SILKY WIPE” consists of smooth, tightly spun silk
derivative / cotton yarns, without chemical binders or bleach.
The quality of the cloth is therefore very soft and it does NOT quickly
absorb the cleaning fluid.

The cleaner can be distributed better and the longer reaction time
between the dirt and the surface leads to an optimal cleaning effect.
The cloth is washable at least 100 times without losing quality.
The special quality of SILKY LIQUIDE and SILKY WIPE guarantees
maximum results!

Suitable for:

  • lenses
  • optics
  • Touch Phones
  • GPS / navigation device
  • digitale Photo Frames

1 pump spray with 20 ml Silky Liquid
1 Silky Wipe 25 x 25 cm – washable at 30 ° C

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