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Profi Kit contains:
1x G-2051 Air Power HI-TECH PRO 400 ml non inflammable
1x V-3000  Mini Vacuum
2x SC-4050 Pick Up Protective Tube
3x SC-4070 Wet & NEW Dry Sweeper Sachets non full frame size (16mm)
1x T-1020 Silky Wipe

*You can find more details of the individual products at the appropriate data sheets!

SENSOR CLEANING SYSTEM for DSLR´s and Mirrorless System Cameras. Removes all forms of contamination: loose forms are lifted off with MINI VACUUM, grimy forms are first dissolved and than dry polished.


  • Safe process due to contact- and residue-free application
  • No compression and transportation of dirt particles
  • No direct gas contact
  • High performance suction action guarantees gentle lifting off of the loose particles, even when confronted with the resistance of the static charging inside the camera
  • Economical: In fact the main percentage of contamination is loose and can therefore be removed with the MINI Vacuum
  • HI TECH pressurized gas is especially strong, stable and productive.
  • Effective if the dust is removed as well from the camera shaft and the objective

In our video you can experience the application of the GREEN CLEAN Sensor Cleaning System in the detail (Button Video).

WET & DRYare pre-soaked, individually sealed applicators – manufactured under cleanroom requirements.

Correct fluid content with Wet Foam Swab – an essential aspect of safe application. The special pre-treatment of our DRY SWEEPER guarantees stripe free cleaning! High standard requirements on choice of both material and manufacturing processes guarantee professional results!


  • Grime solvent
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-inflammable
  • No over-dosage
  • No spilling of solvent
  • Dissolves grime smudges
  • Safe handling


Used directly after Wet Foam application, in order to lift off the dissolved grime. The Silky Wipe is fixed with ultrasonic.

  • smooth  SILKY WIPE guarantees sensitive cleaning proceed
  • thin spatula shape – accurate handling control
  • streak-free, gentle cleaning
  • double layer fabric – slides easy
  • fluff-free
  • supersoft microfiber – smooth edges
  • cleanroom 100
  • vacuum sealed

Importantly: Wet & Dry are available in two widths! Select the correct size, for full frame size sensor or non full frame size sensor.

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