Clip & Flip – The hands free magnifier


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Perfect for cleaning of DSLR – Sensors or Digital Back Sensors, Model Building, and All Hobbies!

GREEN CLEAN’s -CLIP & FLIP is a set of magnifying glasses that attach to the brim of most caps and hats. Its crystal-clear acrylic lenses give you a sharp, distortion free view that allows you to see the finest details with ease.
Directions: Clip GREEN-CLEAN´s CLIP & FLIP onto the brim of your hat. Flip-down lenses for magnified image, flip-up for normal viewing. For best results, position lenses close to your eyes. For eyeglass wearers, position lenses in front of your eyeglasses.

  • Magnification: 1.75x (+3.00 diopters).
  • Perfect for cleaning of DSLR-Sensors
  • Viewing Images on your Digicam or DSLR-Camera
  • Perfect for Model Building and all Hobbies
  • Includes Protective Soft Pouch
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