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The HS+ hand strap

Like no other

The B-Grip Handstrap Plus is an innovative rubber hand strap with a built-in Quick Release Plate compatible with all the B-Grip camera accessories.

Please note – This product is designed to be used on its own, or with a B-Grip Belt Holder available separately (see also B-Grip HS).

B-Grip’s Handstrap Plus Kit includes a B-Grip Quick Release Plate (QRP). It can be used as a stand-alone product, with a B-Grip BH, or with the B-Grip TA (Tripod adaptor).
It provides a robust, fully adjustable rubber handgrip.

Ergonomically designed it gives excellent grip and comfort. The clever ‘S’ shape keeping your fingers free to operate the camera.

The kit comes in two main parts. A B-Grip Quick Release Plate with extended rubber mat and the strap which connects to the to the camera’s strap attachment.

The Hand Strap is adjustable to suit most size hands. If required a neck strap can be fitted (with the camera hanging vertically ). The Quick Release plate is DIN (4503) compatible and allows the camera with Hand Strap fitted, to be inserted directly into a B-Grip Belt Holster.

For non-DIN standard tripods, the Quick Release plate can be used with the B-Grip TA (Tripod Adaptor) which allows use with almost any modern tripod.

The Quick Release Plate includes a rubber stopper to prevent the fastening screw from loosening and a clever, flip-out platform for stability when the camera is placed on a flat surface.

The B-Grip Handstrap Plus is fully compatible with the other B-Grip products including the Belt Holster, Tripod adaptor and Travel Kit.

The B-Grip Handstrap is available in two versions.

This is the HS+ version for customers who do not own a B-Grip Belt Holder

The HS is for customers who already own a B-Grip Belt Holder.

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