Scott Frier, USA

Over the years I've tested and worked with a wide variety of sensor cleaners and Green Clean is the only one really cleans well, doesn't leave a residue, is easy to use, easy to travel with and won't damage the sensor. Its the one I always come back to as its the sensors cleaner I know will work and I can trust." 

Scott Frier and Wildlife Photo Workshops

Hubert Neubauer, Austria

My digital camera accompanies me at every turn in my endeavours. Extreme temperature fluctuations, fine lava sand, sandstorms or everything floating in the air, to which we normally do not pay any attention, becomes a serious obstacle in digital photography. The contamination of the sensor. The combination of mini-vacuum, power foam swab and sweeper is very effective. The camera does not have to leave my sight and I can clean the sensor myself without any fear. And in the worst case scenario, I can clean the sensor anywhere of its greatest enemy, the dust particles or whatever floats in the air. Thank you!

Oliver Bolch, Austria

During my last trip to Australia I carried a Green Clean Sensor Cleaner Traveller Kit with me. In the desert I was always confronted with the problem of dust and sand collecting on the sensor of my digital cameras. Dusting was not effective, because the fine, red Australian sand just remained stuck on the sensor. My travel route on my last trip was a drive through the desert via the Gun-Barrel Highway. It was winter and the cold, Arctic winds whipped across the countryside. Each and every change of lens became a problem. That evening, sitting in the car I cleaned the sensor. Applying the foam swab and the sweeper from the kit, I, myself, succeeded for the first time in wiping the sand from the sensor and with the aid of the vacuum I was able to remove the dirt from the housing. The system is very simple, but extremely effective for anyone to use. Please accept my thanks!

Guillaume & Rémy Marion, France

While travelling in Polar Regions for several years, we have recently been confronted with spots on our images, using digital SLR cameras. The dry climate and type of ground surface produce particles that are very abrasive to the sensors. In addition, the slightest particle shows up on any image of the vast, uniformly coloured expanses of incredibly blue skies and ice. Naturally, in such conditions, a precise cleaning method is needed to preserve the quality of the sensor. The Sensor Cleaning system from Green Clean efficiently addresses this problem with which all „digital“ camera users are faced.
Thanks to the combination of its high performance vacuum system and its cleverly designed cleaning system, this kit is easy to use by all photographers.

Joeri van Veen, Netherlands

Mostly I photograph in the studio or with the client, portraits, interiors and products. Because I use primes I have to switch lenses now and again. Even while doing this carefully and fairly quickly there are still particles accumulating on the sensor.
Green Clean not only has lens cloth and pressurized air cans to clean lenses before attaching them, but also their air cans double as a powerful vacuuming system.
Only if there is any sticking contamination left after vacuuming the sensor, I use the Wet foam and Dry sweeper. That’s why the use of this system is safe and economical at the same time. The whole package enables me to remove dust swiftly and securely when the specs are becoming a problem.

David Rodríguez Guil, Spain

I bought my new Reflex Camera and unfortunately for me, the sensor was dirt changing the lens. I think in bought another camera, because the pictures it takes wasn´t very well and you can to see spots in the image. More later i heard speak about the sensor cleaners and I discover The Sensor Cleaning System of GREEN CLEAN. I used it with my camera sensor and with my lens.
After the clean, my camera was a new, I was really happy with this product and I spend to buy another new camera. At today I use it for clean my camera lens, and accessories.