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The b-grip BH belt (belt holster) is an innovative and effective alternative transportation system to the camera neck strap. Thanks to the safe and comfortable belt, carrying the camera will be easy and comfortable. The photographer will always have his hands free and will be able to move freely while avoiding the inconvenience of a dangling camera swinging around his neck.
Thanks to the WDS technology (weight discharge system), the camera’s weight is distributed over a wide area providing a perceived weight reduction of 50%. It is an amazing result for every type of photographer from the professional to the amateur.


BH is a unique and universal belt carrying system covered by exclusive international patents. It is an accurate project where nothing was left to chance for optimum performance and safety.
Made with high-grade materials offering sturdiness, lightness and reliability.

Exclusive patented system WDS (Weight Discharge System):
incomparable comfort and stability

BH’s broad base distributes pressure gently while adhering to the body. Unlike certain alternative solutions that were recently proposed, the patented WDS system allows you to comfortably fasten the belt without excessively tightening it to the body. The BH base acts as a wedge by keeping the system completely still without swinging. The camera maintains a perfectly vertical position and does not hit the body during movement.
The belt is equipped with a “CAM” buckle type allowing quick and easy adjustment even while wearing the camera.

Universal QRP fix plate: much more than a normal tripod plate

The QRP plate by b-grip attaches to the camera just like a normal tripod plate. The ability to resist stress and avoid rotating and loosening is what makes QRP unique. These unique features are due to the adoption of two combined technologies:
1) A soft nonslip rubber mat that acts as a brake function when pressed against the camera.
2) A clever rubber pad that fits into the 1/4” universal screw preventing it from rotating once it is attached.

A additional QRP element of innovation is the adhesion of a rotating arm that transforms the plate into a support base for the camera. The camera can be placed on any surface protecting it from scratches, dirt and humidity. It is definitely comfortable in any situation.

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