LCD/TFT/Plasma Cleaning Kit

Streak-free surfaces for flat-screens

GREEN CLEAN Cleaning Liquid for LCD/TFT/PLASMA screens, when used in combination with the specially developed GREEN CLEAN “SILKY–WIPE”, guarantees streak-free surfaces for all types of monitors, LCD-displays & plasma-screens. Guarantees gentle removal of dust and dirt from all surfaces.

It’s safe and easy and at the same time creates a long lasting anti-static effect. Also to be used to clean Laptop, handhelds, housing, glass, plastics and other reflecting surfaces.


  • LIQUID: Extremely soft formula, very strong cleaning effect! Contains no alcohol, no allergens, non-toxic, bio-degradable, below <5% anionic surfactant.
  • GREEN CLEAN Silky-Wipe: The texture of the GREEN CLEAN Silky-Wipe is specially developed for use on sensitive, coated surfaces. The woven, silk derivate based wipe is washable at 30°, do not use in dryer, do not use fabric softener.