Optic Cleaning System

Lenses are extremely sensitive and can only give the quality as planned when light is able to pass unhindered through the system.

In addition, with regard to optical performance and subsequently to quality, digital cameras are extremely demanding. Especially when using smaller shutter openings any contamination present on the lens will have very detrimental effects. The result is even worse when there are finger prints on the rear lens – in fact some lenses can become quickly become absolute flops.

It is far better for you to trust the professionals and to clean your lens in the same way that technicians in the service depots do.

The first step is the removal of all dust particles from the front lens. You can only achieve a perfect result by using an aerosol with compressed air.

For this procedure the lens should be attached to the camera or protected by the back lid. Avoidance of any blowing in the area of the rear lens is to be recommended, as this only presses the particles into the more or less larger cavities, from where they will sooner or later be transported into the camera and thus also on to the sensor!

For the rear parts of your lenses use Green Clean® MINI VACUUM (you will also appreciate this system for cleaning your digital SLR) and simply vacuum the dust away!

Should any sticky particles, grime streaks or finger prints as already mentioned still remain on the surface of the lens it is time to use a WET and DRY cleaning method! Green Clean® LENS CLEANER is the perfect solution: Consisting of both a wet and a dry special fleece cloth, packed in duo-sachets. The quality of the cloth used is decisive for the effectiveness of the cleaning agent. The damp cloth is soaked with a solution exactly and specially developed for use on the surface tension of High-Tech coated lenses.

Use of the wet-cloth enables you to deal with all difficult forms of surface contamination whereby at the same time giving anti-static treatment.

In a second step you remove any surplus solution and at the same time polish the surface of the lens.

Following the cleaning of your lens – more than one lens can be cleaned at once – the WET & DRY cloths are used to clean the eyepiece and the display of your camera.