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Multi-functional tool for the removal of dust from sensitive components · Contact · residue-free · mobile

Dust and abrasive particles are extremely sharp-edged and the application of cloths, brushes or swabs for manual removal can cause scratching on sensitive components. Fluff becomes statically charged and subsequently disturbs optical, electronic and fine-mechanical apparatus. Dust accumulation in components can result in considerable disturbances to machines resulting in high costs. The maintenance and service of sensitive components from all aspects is therefore becoming increasingly important.


NEW: The innovative premium product "GREEN POWER HI-TECH"

Low Global Warming Aerosol and Safe Dusting Tools

The classical version of the professional dusting tool has been reformulated with a higher attention to the environment, but without concessions to safety.

The new formula contains SolsticeTM Propellant (HFO1234ze by Honeywell), which is the only non-flammable, ultra-low-global-warming-potential (GWP) propellant available today. SolsticeTM Propellant is a near drop-in replacement for HFC-134a, enabling an easy and cost-effective conversion, while providing a dramatic decrease in CO2 emissions.

The new formula shows a global warming potential (GWP) reduction of 99.6 % versus the traditional product, while retaining its high efficiency and non-flammability.

The 400 ml can of the new "GREEN POWER HI-TECH" generates a particularly strong pressure of 6 bar at 20°C at a sustained stable pressure behaviour. In addition, all trusted GREEN CLEAN dusting tools can also be used with this product. The spray can thereby become a multifunctional tool.

The GREEN CLEAN dusting tools guarantee an optimal application, are extremely rugged and are designed for long-term use - unnecessary disposables can be dispensed with.


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