Universal Cleaning Kit


  • easy for travelling
  • multi purpose use
  • long lasting
  • anti static






Blue Booster

The GREEN CLEAN – BLUE BOOSTER for extra strong air flow! It removes dust particles from all surfaces such as lenses and more.

Vario Brush

The GREEN CLEAN – VARIO BRUSH (Goat hair) is particularly soft and adjustable in two positions.

Position one: 19 mm = firm
Position two: 34 mm = soft

Anti-static effect: the brush is retractable and therefore protected inside the handle. Washable with baby shampoo and lukewarm water.

Optic Fluid

The GREEN CLEAN – OPTIC FLUID is for excellent and effective cleaning, without any alcohol or aggressive agents that could dissolve materials. Biologically safe.

Silky Wipe

The GREEN CLEAN – SILKY WIPE is made from particularly flat, tightly spun silk-derivate and contains no chemicals, binding materials or bleach. To be used dry or with liquid.

Cotton swabs

The GREEN CLEAN – COTTON SWABS are perfect for cleaning camera- and video finders. Usage: spray a cotton swab with OPTIC FLUID and gently wipe the surface of the finder / camera housing.