Dusting Tools Systems



TOP VENTIL - the Dusting Tool


  • Exact pressure control for economical and pinpoint accuracy
  • 360° revolving nozzle for exact, one-handed usage
  • Turbo nozzle increases pressure and at the same time acts as protection against damage to sensitive components
  • TOP VENTIL can be removed from the can at all times
    without loss of gas
  • extremely robust; designed for repeated use
  • Saves unnecessary one-way components
  • can be supplemented with other accessories




Dual Extender for Top Ventil


  • Adapter for optional use with plastic extension tube
    or pipe with stable metal tip
  • 360° action radius even in confined components
  • No loss of liquid gas in any position - even when can is full.
    (So-called upside down versions require2/3 empty space in the can)
  • Use of pipe increases the action radius to 70 cm;
    that of the capillary tube to 25 cm




Anti-Static Adapter


  • Material Thunderon works by ionising the gas stream
  • Works as long as the brush itself stays clean
  • No surface contact necessary
  • Especially for small components, slides …


Removes dust AND static electricity charging