GREEN CLEAN Enterprise

Anneliese Lettner, CEO/Product Developement
Anneliese Lettner, CEO
Wolfgang Heiler, General Manager

The company, which was founded in 1989, is successfully engaged in the development and manufacturing of products for cleaning sensitive surfaces in the fields of optics, electronics, movies, photography and videos, telecommunications, IT ........ precision engineering. The core competence is in aerosols for dust removal - so-called "canned compressed air".

The first Air Duster product line was already introduced on the market in 1989 and found great acceptance from the beginning throughout Europe due to the environmentally friendly alternative gas. The major breakthrough came shortly after the development of the variably applicable aerosol valves "Dusting Tools." These reusable valves are used as exhaust and suction tool for numerous areas of service engineering, maintenance, quality control and maintenance of sensitive components.

The innovative vacuum system "MINI VACUUM" subsequently became the greatest key for success: It is the basis for the innovative "Sensor Cleaning System" - which makes cleaning the sensitive LowPassFilter on DSLR cameras possible for professional and amateur photographers. It is exported worldwide since 2004 and has become a recognized brand for photographers for camera care among the other products.

In the fields of IT, service, as well as technical and optical maintenance, GREEN CLEAN also offers a number of materials, in addition to "canned compressed air", which all bear the claim of user benefit and environmental protection. The next generation of aerosols with "ultra low global warming potential" is in the product range since 2011 - an active contribution to reducing CO² emissions. The product line of Active Climate Protection is the challenge of today - multifunctional spray triggers for various applications are the solution for the applications of tomorrow.

The innovative products by Green Clean are developed by a permanent exchange of ideas and information with customers and the most progressive suppliers of raw materials -
The idea comes from practice, the product from precise manufacturing.

The modern company headquarters near Salzburg has a strong team of 8 employees and a network of development technicians and advanced production facilities.